CHiQ offers for a limited time to extend the standard three (3) year warranty on ​selected television​ & fridges​ for an additional two (2) years free of charge​.
Final date 31st May 2019.

To receive your bonus 2 year warranty you must register your product within 30 days of purchase.

Bring innovation to life...


Amaze your customers with a smarter, faster, signage display. With integrated WiFi and designed for running android apps, it’s the next evolution in signage solutions.

CHiQ is a brand with ambition.

CHiQ is ‘chic’. • Founded in 1958 • Employees: 90,000
• Every year we sell millions of products worldwide.

Explore CHiQ’s extensive range of refrigerators and freezers, designed to suit our conditions and lifestyle. We have full confidence our quality products will keep your food fresher for longer.

See the range:
Refrigerator at Eye Level 👇
Most people use their refrigerator far more often during the day than their freezer. Moving the freezer to the bottom keeps the refrigerator in the more accessible space. With a bottom-mounted freezer, your refrigerator will be at eye and chest level. This makes it easier to find and grab all of your most commonly used items such as milk, cheese, and produce. 
Some people even find having the vegetable crispers higher up makes it easier to eat healthy and avoid healthy food going bad because it’s hidden out of sight.
No Need Bending for Refrigerator 👇
Anyone with mobility issues that make it difficult to stoop down as the food in your freezer likely isn’t needed as often as what you keep in the vegetable crispers.
Easier to Organise Freezer Space 👇
Our Bottom-mounted freezers have slide-out drawers that make it easier to organise, store, and access your frozen food. These slide-out drawers help you maximise your available space much better than freezers with a single door. With sliding drawers, you can access food without digging through precariously stacked items.Image attachment


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